PSC HA 6.5: 1-Introduction


In this section we will briefly explain an overview of PSC 6.5 HA

Overview of PSC 6.5 HA


  • In the above diagram we have two PSC nodes behind a Load Balancer.
    The PSC Nodes must exist in the same SSO Domain and also in the same Site. Any other PSCs in the same SSO Domain should exist in a separate site.
  • Ports 389, 636, 443, 2012, 2014 and 2020 are created as VIP Endpoints on the Load
  • A single shared Machine SSL Certificate will be used for both PSC Nodes. This certificate must contain both PSC Node FQDNs and also the PSC HA VIP FQDN.
  • There is no SSL Certificate on the Load Balancer – this means the SSL Session will be
    passed through to the target PSC. Previously PSC HA 6.0 would terminate the SSL session at the Load Balancer and create a new SSL Session from the Load Balancer to the target PSC.
  • All solutions that interact with a PSC must be pointed/registered via the PSC HA VIP
  • Requests from solutions will be sent to the PSC HA VIP and the Load Balancer will direct these requests to a PSC. All requests from the same session should be “sticky” to the same PSC.

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