PSC HA 6.5 Guide

Configuring two or more PSC 6.5 nodes behind a Load Balancer can be done to provide High Availability to the PSC services.

This can be useful to have a central PSC HA pair and have multiple vCenter Servers registered against the PSC HA pair for enhanced linked mode.

It would also be required if using vCenter HA with an external PSC, otherwise you’re only providing HA to half the vCenter Server instance.

I hope this guide helps perform the setup with ease and clarity.

1. Introduction


4 thoughts on “PSC HA 6.5 Guide”

  1. Running through this page “PSC HA 6.5: 5b – Validate PSC HA 6.5”.

    All goes well until I try to verify the cs.license SSL Trust.

    The output from validation command returns the following, “root@vrpcad1vdippsc1 [ ~ ]# echo “—–BEGIN CERTIFICATE—–” >> /tmp/cs.license_endpoint.crt; echo | python /usr/lib/vmidentity/tools/scripts/ list –url http://localhost:7080/lookupservice/sdk –site vdi-a –type cs.license 2> /dev/null | grep “SSL trust” | uniq | awk ‘{ print $3 }’ >> /tmp/cs.license_endpoint.crt; echo “—–END CERTIFICATE—–” >> /tmp/cs.license_endpoint.crt; openssl x509 -in /tmp/cs.license_endpoint.crt -noout -text; rm /tmp/cs.license_endpoint.crt
    unable to load certificate
    139945415829144:error:0906D064:PEM routines:PEM_read_bio:bad base64 decode:pem_lib.c:824:”


    1. Hello there,

      I am wondering if it would be possible to help me with my deployment in regards to my previous comment?


      1. Hi – I was on vacation and keep in mind this blog is a hobby, not a replacement from VMware Support.

        Based on “[500] SSO error: Could not parse certificate: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Input byte array has incorrect ending byte at 2628” one guess is that your are placing the VMCA with a certificate greater than 2048 bit key length? I’ve heard reports that 4096 and greater are causing issues.

        I’d advise opening a support request with VMware Support for more analysis.


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