vCenter 6.5: Dude, where’re my services?

Something you might not be aware of is that most of the vCenter Server 6.5 services no longer register with the Windows Service Control Manager.

If you install or upgrade to a Windows vCenter Server 6.5 you will only see a handful of services when you launch services.msc.

No need to panic or think that the install didn’t go successfully.

This is due to the VMware Service Lifecycle Manager which controls the startup order and dependencies.

The screen on the left is from vCenter Server 6.0 and the screen on the right is from vCenter Server 6.5.


The services that make up the Platform Services Controller are not integrated with the VMware Service Lifecycle Manager which is why they continue to have their own listing in the Windows Service Control Manager

Since vSphere 6.0 the correct method to stop and start the vCenter Server services has been to use the service-control command from an Administrative command prompt.

"%VMWARE_CIS_HOME%"\bin\service-control --stop --all

"%VMWARE_CIS_HOME%"\bin\service-control --start --all

Note: Using the “%VMWARE_CIS_HOME%” variable will ensure the correct installation directory is used.

For more on service-control, refer to the following KB


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